Bühler Alzenau LTE – Long Throw Evaporator

I. Introduction

The LTE is an equipment allowing the deposition of metallic layers on 100 mm or 150 mm wafers by  evaporation.

The material is evaporated by heating up the crucible in which it is placed by electron beam.

II. Equipment description

Dimensions and capabilities 

Throw distance : 1330 mm 

The substrate holder is segmented in 6 parts. Each segment can carry 1x 100 mm or 1x 150mm wafer. Adjustable rotation speed between 3 and 33 rpm

Evaporation System

The LTE is equipped with a 10 kW HPE 12 electron gun and has 12 pockets (29 cc), directly cooled. 


To reach its base pressure, the LTE is equipped with two pumping units :

  • Prevacuum Pump Unit EV-S50P : Pump unit consisting of multi stage roots pump and single stage roots-booster pump.
    • 300m3/h (5000l/min) (N2)
    • Final pressure : 5 x 10-3 mbar
  • High Vacuum Pumping System : Cryogenic Pump Unit Coolvac 5000 iCL


  • 3 Pirani gauges for pre-vacuum
  • 1 Penning and 1 Bayard Alpert for high-vacuum