Picture of the Month – Winners

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2023, May

Now accepting submissions for May contest. Deadline for submission is Monday, June 12, 2023, at midnight. Rules for submission.

2023, April

Micro evil eyes
Amirali Arabmoheghi, LPQM1

The ritual began by digging holes in silicon substrate. Silicon nitride was then deposited and we planarized meticulously. With a splash of HF the remaining layer of Silicon nitride was removed. We put forward the specimen before the wise wizard, Merlin. It was then when he opened our eyes to the micro evil eyes.

2023, March

VO2 3D puzzle of dark side of the Moon
Anna Varini, Nanolab

Different defects can be found on VO2 film grown with PLD. In this picture you can see one of them – a moonlike perfectly round defect that reminds me of a 3D puzzle.

2023, February

Ultra-sharp pencil
Stefano Marinoni, LMSC

This micro-pencil was obtained by a two-step grayscale lithography process, where a 3D-patterned resist is conformally transferred into a silicon hardmask and then amplified into a GaN substrate by reactive ion etching. The image was take at the SEM Zeiss Leo.

2023, January

Cells fighting for space
Roberto Russo, LMIS1

As they grow these cells are bumping on each other fighting to occupy the larger possible space. Which one will survive the fight? Overexposed IBE etched gold-coated superconducting YBaCuO sample.