Picture of the Month – Winners

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2024, April

Now accepting submissions for April contest. Deadline for submission is Monday, May 6, 2024, at midnight. Rules for submission.

2024, March

Polymer mini-mallows
Mehdi Ali Gadiri, Junsun Hwang, MICROBS

In a delightful twist, mini-marshmallows, skewered on a slender polymer rod, rotate slowly over a flame that flickers to life on the left — a minuscule oven toasting them to a scrumptious golden-brown as they revolve in a dance of heat and sweetness.

2024, February

For You a (Micro)Rose
Shelly Ben-David, LMSC

February is the month of love, and for you, CMi, I want to give a µ-rose. This is a beautiful mistake that resulted from contamination on my DP650-sputtered germanium tin thin film. Thank you to CMi for all that you do!

2024, January

Solid state tide
Peter Warnicke, LSPR

There are rough waves in the silicon canal today. Better to navigate with caution. A thin silicon nitride membrane supported by a silicon frame forms corrugations that, when viewed with an optical microscope, look like periodic waves.