Picture of the Month – Winners

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2021, April

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2021, March

Silicon forest
Sylvain Mario El-Khoury,Q-LAB

Those trees are finally ready to be cut by the CMi lumberjacks ! For the curious, their trunk is made of c-Si, their bark is SiO2 (PECVD) and the leaves are a-Si (sputtered).

2021, February

Multi-faceted ZnO crystal on a see of nanowires
Enrico Bertero,H.Glass

Getting lost in the facets and edges of such beautiful ZnO grains is easy. But, by focusing only on that, we miss in definition of what is below it. Indeed, it is a vast sea of compact ZnO nanowires, supporting this ZnO structure, like a distorted pyramid floating above a desert of needles.

2021, January

Fungal Infestation in CMi?!
Alain Takabayashi,Q-LAB

It is known that mushrooms grow in damp, dark places, but who would have thought that the wet processing in Z19 would produce the conditions that allowed these copper champignons to grow? Fear not, though, the cleanliness of the zone has not been compromised! These structures are in fact electroplated copper structures (originally intended to be pillars) on a sputtered gold seed layer that have overgrown the confines of a 40 μm thick photoresist.