IT rules in CMi

Remote access to equipment

Remote access to scientific equipment in CMi is strictly reserved to CMi staff.

Remote access to scientific equipment by CMi user is strictly forbidden. Any user who attempt to do so will expose himself to the removal of his access.

How to transfer files in CMi

Most of scientific equipment in CMi cleanrooms do not have an internet access. They have been isolated from the rest of the Web regarding IT safety reasons (Old OS, no updates, etc …). However, we know that to use certain tools some files may be needed. 

Most of our machines can access a secure file server (NAS) that we are used to call cmi-tranfert in CMi. This is the preferred method for transferring files.

You are EPFL member?

To access cmi-transfert, you need:

  1. To know your Gaspar credentials.
  2. To be connected the EPFL network (If you are not on the campus, the VPN is required).
  3. To connect cmi-transfert on your machine:
    • PC : \\\cmi-transfert
    • Mac : smb://
  4. As indicated in the section “How to map a network drive?” below, please specify the domain INTRANET (especially if your machine is not in the Active Directory). e.g: John SMITH – Gaspar ID: smith → INTRANET\smith and not only smith!

You are not an EPFL member?

You need to be part of the CMi Guests VPN group and get some Gaspar credentials before going further. Please contact [email protected] for more details.

CMi Guests VPN users can download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client here.

  • VPN server URL:
  • Username:  Gaspar_username
  • Password: Gaspar_password

The activation of the strong authentication may be also required.

As soon as you are connected to the VPN, you can follow the procedure described under “You are EPFL member?

How to map a network drive?

For more details to map a network drive, you can check the STI faculty documentation for PC | Mac | Linux.

Note: Do not forget to enter the domain (INTRANET).