PC Windows

NAS File Server Connection: 2 steps for Windows PC

  1. Check the network parameter
  2. Connect

Check the fixed network parameter

Beforehand, ensure that the following conditions are met :
DNS Active Directory (, + WINS (
    1. Right-click on “My Network places”, select “Properites”
    2. Right-click on “Local Area Conncection”, select “Properties”
    3. Double-click on the “Internet Protocol (TCP-IP)
      • Click the “Adanced” button:
        • select the “WINS” tab
        • click the “Add” button and in “WINS Server” type:
        • delete existing WINS Server Address,, as it is not necessary for the future.
        • Click on “DNS” and add the suffix, epfl.ch

If you use EPFL DHCP (Wifi EPFL or DHCP fixed network)

All IP parameters are correct (provided by DIT-TI)


  • Map Network Drive “J” (example)
    1. Double-click «My Computer»
    2. Select on the menu bar «Tools»
    3. Richt-click on «Map Network Drive»
      This opens the “Map Network Drive” applet:
    • Drive:
      choose a letter
    • Folder: institute and laboratoy are the unit acronym.
      • Institute
      • Laboratory
    • Right-click on “different user name“As User name type: INTRANET\nomimap & as Password: your Gaspar Password.
    • to confirm click on the “ok” button & validate with the “Finish” button.


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