Secure File Server (NAS)

Latest News

  • Since September 2023, migration to the new infrastructure RCP for the lab,,
    Quota per unit, minimum of 1 TB.
  • Since June 26, 2015, migration to the new infrastructure NAS3 for the lab, sti1files,
    50 GB for each user,
    50 GB for the secretary,
    100 GB for the Professor.
  • January 11, 2015, migration to the new infrastructure NAS3,
    more informations will be available soon.
  • Since June 29, 2010, 20 GB disk storage capacity for each user.
  • Since June 19, 2008, 12 GB disk storage capacity for each user.
  • Since May 29, 2006, the NAS accounts of each user of the School of Engineering are created.
  • Since April 25, 2006, 8 GB disk storage capacity for each user.
  • Since October 22, 2005, 5 GB disk storage capacity for each user.
  • Since May 20, 2005, start of the production.
  • Since March 17, 2005, test period.
  1. Check the network connection [PC] [Macintosh] [linux]
  2. Connect [PC] [Macintosh] [linux]
  1. Correct usage of the secured file server
    Incorrect usage would be to use this storage place for archiving each day several millions of documents. It has to be used as Central Storage space accessible with a standard Web browser which provides maximum flexibility.
  2. Two working methods are possible:
    Working online on the NAS File Server
    Working local on your pc & synchronize at regular intervals your data to the NAS File Server

The available storage space is up to (3 DVD or 12Gb), you can work online on the NAS which gives you high-reliability, secure data storage. This method is best used for a computer with a permanent network connection.
If your work environment doesn’t always have a network connection, you would choose the second method.

This method is particularly used with laptops, you need to save the files in a folder which is synchronized at:

  1. Working on Windows PC
  2. Working on Macintosh OS

The allocated storage place is limited, which defines the types of files it is possible to store on the NAS. Perfect candidates for storage in a NAS space are: office documents, results of calculation or a limited number of images.
It is not advised to save big simulation outputs, a great number images, video or sound with large file sizes.

The file server organization reflects the organization of the Engineering School.
The server name is unique, its name is “”
– Each institute is assigned a mounting point to the institute’s name
– Each laboratory is assigned a folder.
– Each user is assigned a personal folder.
– Each unit is a common folder (for data exchange).
– Each unit is assigned a folder.

A user suggestion for a Windows PC is to mount a drive letter for each level of the file system hierarchy.
U: \\\institut\unité\user
V: \\\institut\unité
W: \\\institut
So, you now have direct access to the different level of the file system hierarchy.


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