NAS File Server Connection: 2 steps for Macintosh OS (valid from Mac OS X 10.35)

  1. Check the network parameter
    1. DNS Active Directory
  2. Connect

Check the network parameter

  • Check the DNS Active Directory parameter
    1. And select “Réseau”
    2. Verification of DNS parameter
      DNS Servers: et
      Next click “Appliquer”


    1. Click on the toolbar “Aller” and select “Se connecter au serveur”
    2. To connect to the server type the path bellow
      Institut and laboratory are their respective acronym.

      • Institute
      • Laboratory

      then click on “To connect”

    3. User name, type: –> your IMAP name
      Password, type: –> your GASPAR password
      Click on “OK”


Laurent Kling 33511
David Desscan 34633