Generating Manufacturing documentation

The following HOWTO explains how to produce the manufacturing documentation from the CATIA machining module

Steps to follow

To generate the manufacturing documentation:

1. Select the generate documentation icon. This icon will display the Process documentation Window as shown below.

2. Click on the Browse button next to the Script field and enter the following path for the documentation generating script;


Choose B15 instead of B18 in the path above if you wish to generate a document for version R15

This CATScript analyzes the manufacturing program and then generates the HTML documentation accordingly.

3. Select the generated file path and click on OK when done.

Saving modifications

To modify the HTML document, you have to do the following:

Right Click on the File -> choose Edit to Modify with Microsoft Office Word
– Do the necessary modifications and then do a Save As to save in Word file format or save changes in the original master HTML file.


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