Welcome to EPFL

aAttention, the password mut be exist for the majority of EPFL’s computer resources.

To use EPFL’s computer resources, you must:a

 Own an EPFL card
In the EPFL, an electronic card in credit card format, CAMIPRO is used
With this card you can

 Have a password
EPFL use the Gaspar service to change your password.

You get your password from:

  • Students receive their passwords by mail
  • Staff should ask IT managers or secretaries to activate their password.

More information about this service who manages the passwords, Gaspar.

Own an EPFL email

  • Students receive their username and email by mail
  • Staff should ask IT managers or secretaries to activate their EPFL email.

How to configure your email client.

More information about the service who manages the email, Ewa Tools.

 Connect to Wifi
Information to connect to Wifi is available here.
Attention, the username is [email protected]

Connect from the outside, VPN
The information to connect to the VPN is available here.
Attention, the username is [email protected]

 Print at EPFL
It is possible to print and photocopy with your Camipro EPFL Card with MyPrint.

 Have an EPFL computer
For students, they can use a computer of their choice.
A number of software packages are available for EPFL students.

For EPFL employees, it is recommended to use a computer purchased by EPFL.
The majority of software available in EPFL requires a computer belonging to EPFL
The purchase is managed by the secretaries of your units

 Use EPFL software
Before using any software in EPFL, you must check whether your use is authorized.
Pay attention to the place of use, the vast majority of software is available only in Switzerland for computers belonging to EPFL.

 Keep your data
STI members have one NAS storage space organized per unit.
At a minimum, keep your data in two different places, the NAS offers this possibility by default.

 Back up your EPFL computer
This service is primarily intended for secretaries and professors who keep sensitive data on their computers.
The full description is here.