Welcome to EPFL

aA password must exist for the majority of EPFL’s computer resources.

LEX directive 6.1.4 governs access to the EPFL IT infrastructure.
LEX ordinance 6.1.5 governs the use of EPFL software.

Users need to have a valid accreditation in a unit in order to be able to access the IT infrastructure of EPFL.

All staff with a work contract with EPFL have an automatic accreditation.

A host must sign the additional rules to use the EPFL IT infrastructure.
Contact the unit assistants for more details.

EPFL use the Gaspar service to change your password.

You get your password from:

  • Students receive their passwords by mail
  • Staff should ask the administrative assistants of their unit or the IT managers to activate their password.

N. B. Passwords should never be sent by email, you will never be asked to give your password.

More information about this service who manages the passwords, Gaspar.

  • Students receive their username and email by mail
  • Staff should ask administrative assistants or IT managers to activate their EPFL email.

How to configure your email client.

More information about the service who manages the email, Ewa Tools.

In the EPFL, an electronic card in credit card format, CAMIPRO is used
With this card you can

How to obtain your card

As soon as you start your job (1st day of work), please follow the mandatory online basic safety training FOBS using your GASPAR login.
Once you have successfully completed the training, contact the CAMIPRO office to receive your card and an invitation to the mandatory practical safety training workshops.

Information to connect to Wifi is available here.
Warning, the username is [email protected]

The information to connect to the VPN is available here.
Warning, the username is [email protected]

Two-factor authentication is required:

  • A computer with a browser
  • A valid Gaspar account
  • iOS or Android smartphone with Google Authenticator installed

It is possible to print and photocopy with your Camipro EPFL Card with MyPrint.

For students, they can use a computer of their choice.
A number of software packages are available for EPFL students.

For EPFL employees, it is recommended to use a computer purchased by EPFL.
The majority of software available in EPFL requires a computer belonging to EPFL

We would be happy to assist you in the purchase of IT equipment, kindly send an email at [email protected]

Before using any software at EPFL, you must verify and validate your use.

Pay attention to the place of use, the vast majority of software is only available in Switzerland for EPFL owned computers.

STI members have one NAS storage space organized per unit.
At a minimum, keep your data in two different places, the NAS offers this possibility by default.

This service is primarily intended for assistants and professors who keep sensitive data on their laptops.
The full description is here.