Migration process of obsolete OS in STI SafeNet

You have received the list of machines that still use an obsolete OS like Windows 7.

The SafeNet network is described here: https://inside.epfl.ch/secure-it/en/safenet-network/


These devices only have access to a limited number of secure local services (DNS, NAS, AD, LDAP, mail) necessary for their proper functioning and have filtered and limited web access through an intermediary proxy . To prevent the spread of a possible infection, the hosts on this network do not see each other. EPFL license servers are not reachable in SafeNet.

To use your equipment in SafeNet STI, you must check its use:
A) Office

Please do not move a computer for office use in SafeNet. Working conditions will be severely disrupted or impossible in the case of programs using license servers. For example, Catia does not work in SafeNet.

B) Instruments

Physically verify that the equipment is connected to the network socket.

To use SafeNet, the secure network, you must do 5 operations.
To avoid interrupting the measurements, it is best to activate a new network socket:

  1. Activate an unused activated network socket in SafeNet https://support.epfl.ch/epfl?id=kb_article_view&sysparm_article=KB0014360

Official documentation: https://inside.epfl.ch/secure-it/en/safenet-network/

  1. Request a new Safenet IP address https://support.epfl.ch/epfl?id=kb_article_view&sysparm_article=KB0014360 https://network.epfl.ch/epnet/sre.pl/adrip
    Do not forget to select SafeNet in the type.

Once the two requests have been made (activate network socket not used in SafeNet AND request a new Safenet IP address). You can do the work on a practical level:

  1. Change the socket used for the physical equipment to the SafeNet network socket.
  2. Change the computer’s IP address settings with the SafeNet IP address
    Don’t forget to change the network settings::
    IP address 10.43.y.z
    Subnet mask
    DNS servers
  3. Restart the computer !