Requirements for a storage system in EPFL

Data security

In order to overcome a technical defect, these criteria must be respected to guarantee the security of the data
– loss of a disk
– loss of a site
– recovery of the last saved data

Access security

They must use a central authentication of the EPFL
Only members of the unit and their guests should be able to access the data

Plan for the future

It is necessary to plan for the future, in particular the size of the data used by the users.
This implies managing quotas.

Ensure maintenance

Hardware has a limited lifespan. Buy equipment with a 5-year on-site warranty.
After 4 years, plan to renew the hardware and copy the data.
Do not use equipment no longer under warranty.

Ensure responsibilities

It is necessary to follow up on operating alerts.
At least two active people in the unit must receive the alerts and act accordingly.

All these conditions are respected in the NAS provided for the units.