Working online with Windows PC

Periodically synchronising data on your PC

After throughly testing the different software utilities available on the web for an automatic backup solution we are proposing one freeware from 2brightsparks, SyncBack.  This software is directly available from the developper website in both english and french version.

This backup method available with SyncBack is particularly suitable for those using a laptop.  You only have to save your data in a folder which is regularly synchronised with the NAS.

  • -from a Windows PC
  • -from a Mac
  • -from a Linux / Unix PC
  • -After downloading and saving the ZIP file, your need to extract the files and install it.
  • -If you are launching SyncBack for the first time, you will be prompted to create a backup profile.  Click Yes
  • -In the “Profile type” Window, choose the first option i.e. Backup, click OK
  • -Then give a name to the new profile for e.g. Synchro NAS
  • -Define the source and destination

Sources of data:

If you use my Documents folder, we suggest that you create a subfolder and give it a name in this format surname_name NAS.

In that case, only this subfolder will be synchronised with the NAS.  It is also easier to organise only files you want to backup in one folder.

Destination of data

If you have followed our recommendations concerning usage of the NAS, your personal folder should be mapped on your computer as drive U.

Therefore for destination, choose “My Computer” –> and select the mapped drive U

Click on OK to save the profile.  Click No to skip the simulated run

From the Syncback Window you can do several tasksFor e.g

  • Perform a simulated run if you wish.  Right click on the profile and choose simulated run
  • Configure the scheduler to automate the backup task – Choose the profile and click on the schedule iconat the bottom of the window.  Click Yes to create a new schedule for the profile.

Click OK on Windows XP warning screen

Warning: This utility uses the Windows scheduler to be executed automatically.  It is therefore mandatory that you define a username and a password for the task to run without problem.

Change the user account to run this program and set the password.

Click on the schedule tab to configure the schedule task.  We suggest that you choose the option “When idle“.  If you click on apply it will be recorded as your first configuration.

You can choose other configurations by checking the option “Show multiple schedules“.  This will allow you to plan different schedules with different parameters.

For e.x. to start the task everyday at 6 pm(18h00), click on New, change the “Start time” and click on Apply

Click OK once to create the schedule and again on OK to activate it for Syncback

The last step is to verify your configuration.  You can right click on the profile and choose Run or select the profile and click on the Run icon at the bottom of the window.

If you execute the profile manually, it will display a window with the difference between source and destination.  Click continue Run

You can skip this step by enabling “Skip Differences Window” in the Preferences menu



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