STI Guide to accreditation



Accreditation is the process of attributing certain administrative and IT access rights.

You can accredit other members of their group and, in certain circumstances, guests and external users.
Before doing any accreditation, the following training course must be taken:

In order to accredit a person, you must know :
– their exact identity on the basis of
a passport, or
an official identity card
These are the only accepted forms of identification
– the beginning and the end of their formal contract or agreement with EPFL
– class (contract level)
– function
– le status


The accreditation status determines the default level of access in EPFL:
– Personnel, managed automatically by HR
– Student, managed automatically by the SAC
– Guest and External User, managed by accreditors.
The definition of these status can be found on the Accreditation site (in franch only).


This status implies a relationship of work with EPFL. It automatically opens access to the EPFL network (intranet access rights) and access to file sharing inside the School of Engineering.
« 1. Guest
This status is used for a person who may benefit from certain services and / or benefits of the School which are not strictly reserved for staff. »

EPFL network and software

In order to use EPFL’s electronic infrastructure, hosts who are not part of EPFL as defined in art. 13 of the ETH Law are required to sign a commitment to respect the provisions of LEX 6.1.4 (in French, in English) as well as additional appropriate provisions (in French, in English) taking into account their status as third party users. This paragraph does not apply to non-administrator users of open access systems.

The unit must also verify that the rights given to the third party are consistent with their needs to perform their mission, but no more. In the event of an inspection, the unit must be able to produce the necessary proof.

Before using EPFL software, it is mandatory that the host verifies and validates that its use is in conformity, here are the rules.
The tool to check and validate the use of EPFL software is here.

People who have left EPFL cannot keep the EPFL email.

For a guest, you must also submit an HR dossier containing a temporary hiring proposal (yellow) with the required documents.
In the proposal, under “Remarks » please indicate the justification and the occupancy rate.
For HR, please contact [email protected].

External User

For accreditation status as an External User, intranet access is not included.
The definition of this status is as follows:
«  2. External User
This status is used for a person who needs to be recognised in the Accred application in order to access services, on a restricted basis, on our campus.
This is an indirect relationship. 

If the intranet access is allowed, please follow the process “EPFL network and software“.


No Distrilog access for a Guest or for an External User

Neither the “Distrilog” nor “Confirmation Distrilog” rights can be given to a Guest or to an External User, even if they are a lecturer, a student or a doctoral student.
This measure may seem restrictive, but it reflects the complexity of our contractual relationships with software providers in relation to our own organization.

EPFL software can only be installed on computers registered in the EBP inventory. If a Guest wish to use software available on Distrilog, the IT manager who needs to install.
The “Confirmation Distrilog” right validates the right to install use expensive software currently funded by VPSI. It is possible that in the future these costs will be billed to the unit that has validated the order.

No delegation of roles or rights to a Guest or to an External User

Given the absence of a contractual relationship between a Guest or an External User and the EPFL, it is not possible to delegate a right or a role.
Exceptions are only be allowed with the agreement of the STI senior accreditors.

Nota bene

Anyone accredited in EPFL must have:
followed the obligatory basic safety training (FOBS)
read the terms of use of EPFL IT resources

Anomaly investigation and correction

The STI senior accreditors regularly check for anomalies and make the necessary corrections.

Help and Support

Please contact the STI senior accreditors:
Laurent Kling 33511
David Desscan 34633