Flux 2D-3D

Before using an EPFL software, it is mandatory to check if its use is compliant, here is the regulation.
The tool to verify and validate the use of an EPFL software is here.
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The company that created Flux 2D / 3D was bought by Altair HyperWorks.
As a result, Flux must be migrated to Altair HyperWorks.
This change is inescapable because new versions of Flux only exist inside HyperWorks.
As a result, older versions of Flux do not work with the new license server and must be uninstalled.

This page describes how to install Flux 2D-3D 2018


You need to refer to the preparation phase to activate the administrator account.

Installation of 2D-3D Flux 2018

With a session connected with the administrator account,
Launch the file hwFlux2018.1_win64.exe located at the following address:


  • During installation, the license port address will be requested. You should enter for research
    • You receive the licence port @ server by e-mail.
  • It is also necessary to validate the requests to open the firewall during the first launch of each module.


Terms of use

Nomadic users must be connected by VPN


Request for disk access I:\
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