Hosting of 19″ Servers

The Management of EPFL has decided to mutualize the use of the existing Server room facilities.  As a consequence, we are now allowed to use the Server room of the faculty SV to host our servers.

This room has the appropriate and recommended infrastructure to host your 19″ IT equipments.  It has a Gigabit switch and has two separate electrical systems, one emergency /backup power and a direct A/C power.

Only 19″ (48.26 cm) equipments can be hosted in this room.

The procedure to host a server in this room is described below.

1. Fill this form for each server you wish to host in this room:

2. Your request(s) is /are sent for verification and approval by Yvon Roucher.  If it is approved,

  •    he will make an appointment with you to show you the server room and the facilities available.
  •    he will request access to the room for your Camipro card
  •    he will verify the compatibility of your server rails with the Gmür server rack

3. Planning the network, use the room AI.9.249.SRV in network form:

  •    request a new IP address in the *.24 subnet, for a server, e.g. unitsrv1
  •    ask for activation of a port(s) on the Switch for your equipment(s)
  •    If you are moving your servers from another room, contact Jacques Rochat for the following;
    to request a new IP address for your server in the *.24 subnet
    to plan the change of the TTL parameter on the DNS servers

4. Making the changes on the scheduled date

  •   If you are moving  your server to the new server room:
    log on locally and change your IP address
  •   move the server to the room  AI.9.249
  •   set up the rails and install your server in the rack.
  •   connect your equipment to the network
  •   verify that everything is working
  •   label your network cables at both ends (patch panel and server rack)
  •   put a label on your server(for e.g. Laboratory, IP name and type)

5. Inform everybody that the server is operational