Working online with Macintosh

Unicode Format of NAS.

In practice, the NAS supporte the Unicode Format, and includes accentuated characters. However, as a multi-platform system it doesn’t support the following characters:


Explanation :

  \ separator in Windows file system hierarchy
  / separator in Unix file system hierarchy
  : separator in Macintosh file system hierarchy
  * wildchard in Unix-Windows environment
  ? wildchard in Unix-Windows environment
  | pipe Unix

This inconvenience is the price to pay to have a multi-plateform system.

The name lenght is limited to 250 characters.

To correct the folder’s names or restore incompatible files, I suggest you use “FileList” which is free. The shareware “FileBuddy” can also do the job for this purpose.

The solution to use a disk image in the NAS storage space is strongly discouraged, because it does not allow you to store successive versions of documents (snapshot) and this usage would take unnecessary space from the available storage.


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