Rollback to a previous version

The following describes the procedure to open files from Catia R18 with Catia R15

Current state

Rollback from a recent version to an older version of CATIA is not possible (for e.g. opening a document of R18 from a workstation with R15)

R15 > R18

All R15 files (CATPart, CATProduct, CATProcess,…) is upward compatible with R18

R18 > R15

However they are not backward compatible from R18 to R15. Although there is a possibilty in CATIA to convert a file from a recent to an older version with the “Downward Compatibility” options (Tools > Utility > Downward Compatibility), the best way to convert a native CATIA R18 file to R15 is to convert it into the STEP format

To do this: Click on File > Save As > .stp > Save

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