Backup for precious computer

This service is primarily intended for users who keep sensitive data on their computers.

To use this service, open the link below, click on “All groups” on the left side, search for group “sti.backup“, open the group, click on “members” and finally click on “Register me“.

Groups EPFL.

After registration, please wait 1h before installing the agent.

The tool allows the backup of up to 500 GB per user on a workstation. For two workstations, the saved size is 250 GB per workstation.
The retention of the data if for 30 Days and the minimum time between backup is 15 minutes.

In accordance with data protection rules, only end users can access backups of their workstations. This confidential access is managed through the Gaspar account (Active Directory).

Client installation and registration

To access to the documentation you need to register with your EPFL identity (EPFL username, Gaspar Password)


Register your email address
(after installation)

To access and use the Web restore on the Lina agent, you need to provide an email address that allows you to:

  • Connect to the Web restore application and receive the web restore code to restore data.
  • Receive notifications about the protection status of the agent.If this has been done already by your administrator, the email address can no longer be modified in the agent interface.

Enter an Email Address in the Agent Interface

Right-click the Lina agent icon in the task bar and select Manage the settings. Select Settings > Options.

In the Identity field, type the email address and select Apply to save your settings.

Folder backuped

By default, all home folder is backuped

  • Windows
    *\Documents and Settings\*\
  • Mac
  • Linux (Ubuntu/Centos)

If you want to modify the default settings, Right-click the Lina agent icon in the task bar and select Manage the settings. Select Settings > Backup.

If you want to change the items backuped

  • Add = Items included in the backup
  • Remove = Items excluded from the backup

Device backup content

  1. Open Lina.
    The protection display the last time of the full protection are made

Restore your device data

  1. Open Lina, go to Restore
  2. You have 3 choices to restore the Data
    1. Wizard
      Define your file/folder to be restored using QCM.
    2. Search
      You need to know the location or the name of the file/folder.
    3. Browse
      You choose a path and see the modification over time.
    4. History
      This the list of action you do

Restore over the web

If you want to restore over the web, you need to register your email first in the client.

Go on web restore page:

  • Enter your email
    • The list of devices registered with your email appears.
    • You select the device you want to access.
    • You need to click the link asking a security code.
  • Check in your email for the security code
    • Enter it
  • You access to the view of your backup  over  time.



The 512 GB protection quota corresponds to all the backups over a period of 30 days.

On request by opening a ticket, this protection can be extended to 1024 GB.

Choice of files to backup

By default, the files contained in the user directories are backed up.

Two other options, to be requested by opening a ticket once the agent is installed:

– no protection
The user chooses the data to be backed up
– extended protection
The user can add data outside the path of the user directories
For example data on several disks

Restore between computers

It is possible to perform a cross-computer restore, to restore a new computer from an old one.

For Macs, the process is described in this document in French.

Manage alerts for old computers.

You will receive an alert for all computers registered to your email address.
If you want to delete an old client, please notify the administrators with the name of the old computer that will be deactivated and deleted.



Request help: stibackup.admin