Mac, encryption and key backup

To encrypt your computer (Only for School of Engineering – STI), it must be registered and the hard disk encrypted.

A. Registering the computer

The steps to register your MacBook:

  1. The OS must be at least MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 or Mojave 14.2
  2. Open this link
    1. Authenticate your access with your Gaspar account and password
    2. Enter his username and choose STI as a Site
    3. Download the certificate and install it.
    4. Go back to the web page, download the “MDM Profile” and install it.
      The username and password are those of the computer.
    5. The result with the certificate and the “MDM Profile” installed.
    6. Back on the web page, the registration process is complete.
  3. Registration setup
    • The registration setup process starts automatically after 3 minutes.
    • Click “Register” to record his unit and the computer’s inventory number
    • The computer automatically restarts at the end of the registration process.

B. Computer encryption

Step “A. Registering the computer” must be done.

  1. Open the Self-Service application
    Connect with your Gaspar ID
  2. Choose disk encryption “Security: Enable Disk Enryption”
    • The computer will restart in 1 minute
  3. Upon rebooting, encryption is requested
  4. Your computer is encrypted.

C. Reset password

Computer encryption is tied to your computer password.
If you lose your password, you can reset it with a recovery key.
For this process, please open a ticket with the name of the unit and the serial number.