You will find on this page answers to questions which are frequently asked.

  • How do I install CATIA on my workstation or my personal PC?

    To install CATIA version V5 R18 SP8, please refer to this page.

  • I have followed all the instructions on your site concerning installation of the software but I cannot access any options (even to exit). I have an error message which says the option is not accessible as if I did not have the appropriate rights to use it (even if I am connected with an Administrator session and I have mapped drives I:\ and R:\.

    The installation has not been done properly. You need to do it using the wired network and not the WIFI network. Uninstall it and reinstall it when you are connected to a wired network. Refer to the wiki page http://wiki.epfl.ch/it/catia/installation.html

    Verify that the date and time of your PC is properly set.

    Verify your disk space available. The installation could have been interrupted and not completed properly.

  • I receive the following error message each time I open CATIA

    The configuration file “WarmStart.catsetting” could be corrupted or unavailable. This could happen when CATIA crashes. Double Click on the icon “delesettings” or you can simply erase the file “C:\CATIA\SETTINGS\%username%\WarmStart.CATSettings

  • As part of our project, we use complex CATIA objects

    For big assembly tasks, working in mode cgr could be an interesting option, refer to the corresponding page at this URL http://wiki.epfl.ch/it/catia/cgr

  • Is it possible with CATIA to do a partial view or cross section view on some parts in an assembly? If yes how?

    Yes it is. For a full documentation of all the functions available with CATIA, refer the URL below \\stisrv.epfl.ch\catia\CATIA_R18\DOC\English\online\CATIA_P3_default.htm

  • I have a problem with the objects catalogue. Excel opens when I try to import an object.

    You need to uninstall Microsoft Office Live Add-in 1.3 on the workstation where CATIA is installed

  • I have a problem with an object in CATIA. It’s impossible to move the selected object.

    The option View → Render Style → Perspective is activated. Change this option from perspective to parallel. The render style in mode perspective makes it sometimes difficult to manipulate objects

  • I have a problem with objects which disappear in TraceParts, what to do?

    By defaults, the objects are saved in a directory on your C:\ drive. It is preferable to move them in the project directory. Refer to the URl below for details of how to do this. http://wiki.epfl.ch/it/catia/traceparts/utilisation

  • Where can I find the documentation for CATIA?

    The documentation is available on the network path (\\stisrv.epfl.ch\catia) which must be mounted as R:\. To access it, use the icon “CATIA_DOC…”