PTC Creo

Before using an EPFL software, it is mandatory to check if its use is compliant, here is the regulation.
The tool to verify and validate the use of an EPFL software is here.

The Creo CAD software is available as an education license for the entire EPFL (500 licenses in total) with special conditions from the publisher to use this software for research and in some cases of exchange with industry.
All licenses were purchased by two laboratories, INSTANT-LAB and LSRO. If you want to use these licenses, you will be asked to contribute a cost of CHF 300 per year per laboratory.
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This page is a HOWTO for the installation of PTC Creo


The preparation procedures is described inside “Windows Installation”

Installation of Creo

Copy the file from I:\app\cad\ptc\creo\4.0\en\src to your hard drive.

Open the zip fil and install the program.


During the installation, the address of the license port will be requested: the address will be communicated to you by the administrators.

Conditions of use

Roaming users should be connected to the EPFL network through VPN.


Access rights to the installation network folder I:\, contact admin.creo