Restricted rights

In order to reduce these risks and to improve the security of our electronic infrastructure, STI-IT has therefore proposed the following IT Administrator rights to be reserved exclusively to STI-IT:

  1. Admindiode: the right to define firewall openings e.g. for STI’s servers accessible from the Internet
  2. Distrilog: the right to override the Distrilog right (EPFL’s licensed software distribution platform)
  3. Intranet: the right to override the Intranet right (unrestricted access to EPFL internal resources such as licence servers, journals etc).

Following this decision, STI-IT would provide EPFL with firewall openings as well as intranet access overrides as a service to STI.

  • Diode firewall change requests, please contact us.
  • Distrilog right is linked to personnel status.
  • Intranet right is linked to Staff, Student and Guest status.
    If people with External User statut want to have access to the internal EPFL network, please contact us.