To access remotely to a EPFL computer

You need

  1. EPFL computer connecteted to a wired connection (DHCP work)
    1. OS suporting remote access
    2. Setup the shared screen mode
    3. Verify the FireWall
    4. Verify the alimention settings
  2. A remote client
  3. First establish a VPN connection to the EPFL network
  4. Connect the computer remotely

Wired connection

DHCP mode

To access your PC from outside with DHCP activated, you need to:

  • First establish a VPN connection to the EPFL network,  then connect to your computer using your Remote Desktop client
  • Two possibilities :
    1. Your computer use Active Directory
      • Enter the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of your computer; for e.g for a computer in the AD of the STI, stpc25, use the name for your remote desktop connection.
    2. Your computer don’t use Active Directory
      • To know this DNS address, you need to go to this web page (directly from the computer connected to a DHCP wired connection).

        The host name of the device provides by the service will be
        where the x sequence represents the MAC address written without any semicolons or other separators.

        You can directly use this address to access to a computer.
        For example, assuming that the MAC address is
        the computer name to use would be