Plade Solvent Z01

To be read first:

  • Solvent chemistry: Do not breath unsafe NMP solvent vapor during lift-off processing.
  • Good working practice: When done, empty beakers in the dedicated waste bottles. Clean the work area of glass beakers, paper wipes, tweezers and make sure it is dry (no unidentified liquid).
  • Please immediately inform the CMi staff in case of problems with the equipment.


  1. Reservation names must correspond to operators.


  1. Introduction
  2. Equipement description
  3. Users manuals
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  5. Pictures gallery

I. Introduction

The plade wet bench in Zone 1 is dedicated to wet processes involving photoresists with solvent chemistry only.

The processes that are allowed on this bench are:

  1. Photoresist stripping for metal lift-off on wafer batches (Remover 1165 – NMP)
  2. Photoresist stripping for metal lift-off on single wafers (Remover 1165 – NMP or SVC-14 – DMSO)
  3. Development of exposed SU-8 wafers (PGMEA)
  4. General wafer cleaning (acetone, IPA, N2 drying)
  5. Back-side rinse on wafer batches after lithography steps (SRD)

Any other processes involving solvent chemistry, but not listed above, should be discussed with the equipment responsible.

Although no dangerous chemicals are used on this bench and safety dressing is not required, we encourage users to read and understand the wet bench safety manual.

II. Equipment description


The schematic above gives a general description of the layout of the wet bench with the activation buttons on the front panel. Note that the system is always on and that login is necessary only for using the DI water baths, the N2 gun or the spin-rinse-dry (SRD) unit.

Actual configuration:

  • Ultrasonic bath (US): Remover 1165
  • Tanks PT1, PT3, PT4: Remover 1165
  • Tank PT2: IPA

Semitool SRD unit operation:

  • Requires login on the wet bench
  • Manual loading and unloading of wafer cassettes
  • 50% cassette loading recommended to reduce vibrations
  • Two programs : N°1 rinse and dry / N°2 dry only
  • Operation: load cassette, close the door, press “stop” then “start”.


Chemicals that are allowed on the plade wet bench are:

  • acetone (red)
  • IPA (orange)
  • PGMEA (blue-green)
  • Remover 1165 / NMP (white, check label)
  • SVC-14 / DMSO (white, check label)

Make sure to empty used chemicals in the appropriate waste bottles!

III. User manuals

IV. Links

V. Pictures gallery