PI 2610 & PI 2611

Please download the polyimide runcard to find parameters for all processing steps (HD Microsystems PI series):

Process flow

  Recommended process Alternative process

Unfreeze Resist
Take the PI bottle out of the freezer at least 1 hour before use.  
Substrate Pretreat

Oxygen plasma
(Tepla, Z02 or Z11)

Thermal dehydration – (Süss Hotplates, Z01)

Piranha cleaning
(Wet bench, Z02)
VM652 Silanization (optional)
Manual coating
(Plade misc. BLE spinner, Z06)
PI Coating Manual coating
(Sawatec LSM200, Z01)
Soft Bake Option 1 (fast): 65° 3 minutes + 105° 3 minutes
(Süss Hotplates, Z01)
Option 2 (low stress): slow ramp to 120°C
(Sawatec HP401Z, Z01)
Curing Oven curing
(Heraeus T6060, Z02)