ProSEM software

ProSEM is a software package for SEM image analysis and measurements. It allows users to make automated feature size (CD – critical dimension) measurements from saved SEM images. Due to its robust automated edge detection algorithm it enables users to achieve better repeatability and consistency in their measurements than is possible with a simple hand-drawing of measurement bars on the image. ProSEM is also a great tool for increasing productivity as images can be batch processed, again, with a much improved consistency of measurements between various images.

Software access

ProSEM is available on one of the PC’s in room BM1132. There is no training provided, nor is one necessary for its use. There is an extensive “help” section available in the software itself, there is a manual in pdf format available on the desktop of the PC, and there are training videos available at the software supplier website:

Features and Examples of use

All images below are courtesy of software supplier GenISys.