Solid Sampling


StoRMS – Stochastic Robotized Micro-Sampling

Collaborations: HEIG-VD, DEC Engineering, Chemspeed

In the context of automation of high-throughput synthetic chemistry, the precise dispensing of small quantities (<1mg) of solids can be challenging. Today, this is done by iterations of the collect/dispense process of small quantities of solids, which can become time consuming for large experiments, is prone to cross-contamination and requires substantial material quantity. Considering the diversity of solid properties, this process can become complex, slow or even impossible It is not surprising that no universal solution has been found yet.

In our vision, two concepts are introduced for a new robotic tool used in powder handling: stochastic sampling and precise vs. exact mass: In a first step, collection of solid samples occurs without exact mass to target. Only the precise collected mass is recorded in a database and a large distribution around relevant experimental mass is stored in glass capsules. During experiment setup, a software calculates each individual reaction scale, based on the desired molecular ratios, depending on the availability of powders in the storage. 

The project is funded by Innosuisse, with a budget of 786’450 CHF over 3 years,,  and is already protected by an European Patent : 22215745.5EP – F. de Nanteuil, E. Marianno, M. Kunz, P.Miéville EPFL-HEIG-VD – Substance preparation method and system.