Swiss CAT+ is a platform for synthetic and analytical analysis with state of the art installations and technology.

Once the service platform will be running (in the course of 2024), SwissCAT+ will provide high throughput experimentation services. The equipment available for this purpose are:

Sample standardization: Custom technology to transfer commercial/custom products into standardized vials.

  • Sample storage: Custom SBS-plates storing system
  • Liquid and solid handling: Swing XL, Chemspeed – partially delivered
  • Evaporating system: Hetich Combidancer II

Heating, cooling, pressurizing, illuminating capabilities: Swing XL, Chemspeed – partially delivered

All sample preparation and high throughput experimentation are performed under inert atmosphere.

High throughput

  • sample preparation/liquid handler/SPE: 2x Bravo, Agilent
  • centrifugation: centifuge Agilent
  • analysis: 2x LC-DAD-MS in/off line with chiral SFC-MS and GC-MS, Agilent
  • purification: LC-MS-Prep, Agilent
  • Fourier-transform Infrared spectroscopy, Bruker
  • ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, invenio Bruker
  • high resolution Ion Mobility, Agilent
  • high resolution mass with Q-TOF spectrometry, Agilent
  • high-resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Bruker
  • In line IR: Bruker
  • Benchtop NMR: Fourrier 80, Bruker