Protein Production and Purification

Design of Constructs

Advice on how to design your construct for Protein Production in Bacterial, Insect and Mammalian cells are available upon request.

Production in Bacterial Cells

PTPSP proposes to produce your favorite proteins in E. coli cells. Various strains are available at the facility on demand.

Production in Mammalian and Insect Cells

The service includes small-scale and large-scale transient or stable expression of recombinant proteins/antibodies in transfected mammalian and insect cells, as well as baculovirus-based expression in insect cells. 

Protein Purification

The facility proposes training and all-inclusive services to purify your protein of interest. Affinity tags purification, size-exclusion and anion exchange chromatography techniques are available. If you already have expertise in purification, after a short training, simply reserve one the gel filtration chromatography in open-access instruments.

Protein Quality Control

PTPSP provides expertise and instrumentation in Protein Quality Control. If you are interested by this service, please, contact us