Terms and conditions

Usage rules for computing resources

  1. General Terms: use of this service is subjected to Directive on the Use of EPFL Electronic Infrastructure (LEX 6.1.4).
  2. In case of conflicts between the General Terms and Conditions and this document, the terms of this document take precedence. By filling the registration form, users agree to work on the computing servers under the conditions described in this form and in this document.
  3. Depending on the category of the user, the services are billed; user undertakes to pay them.
  4. Papers and publications resulting from use of SCITAS facilities must acknowledge this via the inclusion of an appropriate credit similar to the following:
    The calculations have been performed using the facilities of the Scientific IT and Application Support Center of EPFL. Additional detail describing the particular computing facility is optional but suggested. In addition, a copy of the final paper or publication must be provided to [email protected]. Please indicate what we can publish on our website.
  5. SCITAS can not be held responsible for any consequences from computing results performed on its facilities. In contrast, SCITAS will repeat, at its own expense, or to be credited, computations or operations that would have proved false due to an error on its part. Any relevant application must be sufficiently documented and announced within 15 days after the error in question. In addition, SCITAS can not be liable for the consequences of a delay in the delivery of results, that it is due to a failure or at the expense of facilities.
  6. Any malfunction of equipment or software should be announced as quickly as possible to SCITAS via the ticketing system.
  7. Although SCITAS made all efforts to ensure the security of the data, notably through changing the operating system version or further to a breakdown, every user is responsible for the security and for the confidentiality of his or her data, including password.
  8. The accounts created on SCITAS computing servers, for users who request it, are individual and personal, and therefore intransmissible to others.
  9. The opening of an account on a server for a private user is not possible, except duly justified exception, only if the concerned project implies a scientific collaboration with an institute of the school. The private user must be accredited by the institute with which it collaborates.
  10. SCITAS reserves the right to deny access to its facilities to all users potentially liable to endanger the security of computer systems or the service itself. In addition, any person unlawfully using passwords, data or programs belonging to other users or to installations operators may be prosecuted (federal law on data protection, 1992).
  11. Software used on SCITAS infrastructure is subject to End User License Agreements (EULA-s). According to the Ordinance for the Use of Software Subject to a License Agreement (LEX 6.1.5), Users are responsible for the correct software use. Before installing or using software, people must read and accept the software EULA-s found on the VPSI page Software licenses.