Intel compilers, MPI and VTune

The licenses have been purchased mainly for use on the EPFL clusters. However, since 5 floating seats per product are available, it was decided to allow usage of the licenses on local clusters and workstations

SCITAS provides the following Intel products for the i386, x86_64 and ia64 architectures:

  • Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition for Linux
  • Intel Fortran Compiler Professional Edition for Linux
  • Intel Cluster Toolkit Compiler Edition for Linux
  • Intel Math Kernel Library for Linux
  • Intel MPI Library for Linux
  • Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector for Linux

To access these products, please contact us.

Usage rules

  • Access to the compilers and libraries is done via an Access Control List on this website. Only users on the ACL are allowed to use the software. Please do not redistribute. Instead, point any interested people to us.
  • The number of floating seats is limited. Do not use make -j as it checks out all the licences preventing other users from working

Available versions

Please check our Local Intel Repo.


Untar the downloaded document, enter the newly created ditectory and type:


You will be guided through an intuitive set of text-only menus.

When asked the following question

  • How to activate your product

choose a license manager and/or a license server. The port is 27009. The server is You should enter [email protected]

You may want to change components to install and choose only the ones for your architecture