Want to shape the world of tomorrow?

Whether you are a large group, a SME, a startup, a NGO or a foundation active in the area of food and nutrition, you can contribute to the search for innovative solutions in the food and nutrition area. The role of the IFNC is to help you bring your expertise onto the stage. Join us!

By connecting EPFL’s research expertise with the industry know-how, we aim to generate research and innovation around food and nutrition and translate it into real collaboration opportunities.

Check out the list below to find out what we have in store for you.

For more information, please contact Christian Schwab, Executive Director of the IFNC.

IFNC membership
With a privileged access to the IFNC Industrial Board, our members can truly influence EPFL research programs related to food and nutrition. They also have access to events and conferences and can closely collaborate with EPFL’s scientists and start-ups. IFNC membership is reserved for companies active in the food and nutrition industry.
IFNC partnership
Through the IFNC partnership, entities such as start-ups, foundations or NGOs can become an IFNC partner and benefit from the centre’s expertise through a continuous and enriching dialogue.
Joint research program
Want to work on a specific project that meets your needs? Take part in the IFNC Joint Research Program, which consists of a close collaboration between science and industry. Through a well-defined projet and statement of work, all parties are working together to achieve concrete outcomes.
Ad-hoc consortia
Through diverse discovery and research programmes, non-competing members of the center work together on common issues.

Collaborating with the IFNC

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