Faculty Affairs

Harald Hirling

Deputy to Dean and Faculty Affairs Manager

Manuelle Mary

Faculty Affairs Assistant

External Relations

Sacha Sidjanski

Manager External Relations

Line Déglise

External Relations Assistant


Sustainability and Diversity

Miki de Palma

Chair of Diversity Commitee


Roman Chrast

Coordinator of Core Facilities

Education and Innovation

Felix Naef

Associate Dean for Education

Bart Deplancke

Associate Dean for Innovation

Institute of Bioengineering

Matteo Dal Peraro

Associate Director of the Institute of Bioengineering

Global Health Institute

Melanie Blokesch

Director of the Global Health Institute

Brain Mind Institute

Brian McCabe

Director of the Brain Mind Institute

Egizia Carbone

Assistant to the Director

Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research

Elisa Oricchio

Director of the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research

Lisa Smith

Assistant to the Director

Neuro-X Institute

Stéphanie Lacour

Director of the Neuro-X Institute