Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding the SV Store

The reception of the SV Store is located in room SV0508.

The reception desk of the SV Store is open Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 12:00PM and from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. In case of emergency in the mornings, users may be attended by ringing the bell at the reception SV 0508.

The SV Store services are mainly destined to the laboratories of the SV School. However, users from other EPFL Schools and departments are able to order from the Biobars and internal supplies. SV and non-SV users have to place all orders through the Catalyse ordering system. Accounts are automatically created by clicking on the Catalyse tab within Sesame.

Questions regarding Catalyse

All orders must be made through the centralized ordering system called Catalysis. Tutorials on how to use the system are available to users in the “Help” section of the program’s homepage.

Catalyse is simply accessible through this page with a Gaspar account, provided that you have been granted a purchase right in the signature register of your affiliate unit. The specific rights allow the creation of shopping carts in the system and/or the validation of orders according to the predefined authorized amount. To obtain these rights in “Accred”, please contact the administrative assistant or manager of your unit.

There are no organized trainings for the use of Catalyse. Tutorials are available on the homepage of the program. The SV Store personnel is of course available for any questions.

SV Store internal supplies may be ordered through Catalyse through its Sciquest module, which is accessible by clicking the shopping cart icon “Laboratory consumables and equipments” in the homepage. Products may then be searched on the Source Search icon. Once the results are displayed, internal supplies of the SV Store can be shortlisted by clicking on the Stockroom icon on the left.

Questions on orders

Yes, any supplier may be chosen to place an order.

The Strategic Purchasing Office (DABS) negociates prices and conditions for  EPFL with most common suppliers. Collaborators of the SV Store in charge of tactical purchasing are also in charge of negotiating conditions and prices on individual articles.

Stationary (Lyreco or économat) have to be ordered through the Sesame purchasing platform (Achats Catalogue). Articles are delivered at the SV Store by the postal services.

All orders of computers and IT supplies have to go through the SV-IT. Before ordering, users are requested to contact the service directly.

Upon receipt of the product at the Faculty Store an email is sent to the user. Users may pick up their products at the SV Store desk during opening hours or subscribe to the delivery service at the workplace.

More information about the reception of the articles and delivery service are available on this page.

The SV Store personnel takes the utmost care of all orders and scrupulously respect the storage recommendations to ensure cold chain continuity :

RT products are stored at room temperature in designated storage locations.
Products at 4°C, -20°C and -80°C are immediately placed in the corresponding refrigerators and freezers connected to the centralized alarm system.

In addition, products requiring refrigeration or freezing are delivered to the workplace with sufficient cold packs or dry ice to ensure proper preservation until your laboratory.

Prices of all products ordered through the SV Store are the prices charged by the suppliers. The Store does not make any profit on the orders processed for its users.

Delivery of orders to the workplace is charged 5 chf. This sum is used to cover one third of the price of the dry ice that is made available for experiments and sample shipments.

Questions on mail and shipments

Parcels and mail for Switzerland can be sent by post. You will find the procedure to be followed on our page dedicated to shipments. Postal shipments are handled by the DII, we invite you to consult this page, which will give you more information on the different types of possible shipments and how to prepare them.

The SV Store is currently negotiating new contracts for sending parcels and mail by fast carrier abroad. Our new procedures will be published on our pages in the near future. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact the SV Store by phone at 39606 or directly at the desk.

Shipment of dangerous goods requires the use of special “Biohazard” packaging. Please, contact the SV Store by phone at 39606 or directly at the desk for more information on the preparation of the products.

Users can send all types of packages through the Store, except for private mail and packages containing live laboratory animals.

In addition, strict procedures must be followed for all hazardous materials packages. Please contact us for more information.

For the shipment of live animals, please contact the CPG. For the shipment of larvae, please contact us directly.

Upon receipt of a package or letter by the SV Store personnel, an email is immediately sent inviting you to pick up your package or letter at the desk. Please note that products that are not part of a Catalyse order are not opened, or handled at specific temperatures by our staff.

Packages or mail not related to a Catalyse order number will not be delivered to your workplace.