Ordering catalog products

Order forms for solutions and Mycoplasma analyses can be accessed through the links below.

<<Solution and Mycolpasma Analyses order form >>

NB: First time users of the Solution Preparation Faciltiy are requested to contact the Facility to have a user profile created for them in the online form.

Our catalog and EPFL price list can be found here. (Google drive storage, please access the document with your EPFL email adress and Gaspar password).

Ordering non-catalogue products

The Facility studies all requests for large volumes of media or buffers or for recurrent production of off-catalogue solutions.

The Facillity collaborators are available, either by phone at number 37370 or email, for any advice on special requests of products not listed in the catalog.

“One Shot” services

The “One Shot” service is used to meet a specific need when it is a first order of a product not included in the catalog, for example, in an emergency or as part of a laboratory test.

One Shot” productions are carried out according to GLP guidelines. Each step of the manual production is traced ( weighings, pH, etc.). However, in order to shorten the delivery time, the sterility control is not performed on these batches.

If a second production request is made for the same solution from the same user, the production procedure will be standardized and quality control included, bringing the delivery time to the usual duration. The price will also be adjusted accordingly.

Users can make their “One Shot” request by email to the Facility. The request must contain the following information:

  • Solution protocol;
  • Desired volume;
  • Desired and calculated concentration(s);
  • List of equipment needed for the preparation (e.g. balance, pH meter, micropipettes, etc.).

Users must also ensure that they have all the raw materials required for the preparation and that these have not expired.

Upon receipt of the request, the Service will evaluate it and inform the initiator of the request as soon as possible about the feasibility of the production. The price will be indicated before the user decides to formalize the order.

NB: The Solution Preparation Facility is committed to offering its users products at a lower cost than those offered by external suppliers. A solution, which costs more to produce than an identical preparation available on the market, will not be produced by the Facility.