Catalyse Orders

All orders for consumables and laboratory equipment are processed through the Catalyse system. In order to place orders in Catalyse, users must have at least the “0chf basket” right in their unit’s fund signature register. Purchase requests entered into Catalyse will then be validated by the person(s) with the appropriate signature rights for the amount committed.

Users who need to enter orders in Catalyse can contact their unit’s administrative assistant to obtain the necessary signature rights. Note that the request for these rights must be made by the unit administrator in the accreditation system.

EPFL Strategic Purchasing Department (DABS) negotiates purchase contracts for the entire EPFL with the main suppliers for common products at attractive prices and conditions.

If necessary and upon request, the SV Store personnel remains available for any advise in finding products, selecting suppliers, obtaining better purchasing conditions, proposing offers, or sample requests.