A broad range of laboratory supplies is offered through our specifically elaborated catalogues. These articles, either in-stock or out-of-stock products, may be ordered online on the Catalyse application, specifically elaborated to facilitate ordering procedures.

The SV Store catalogs offer three different product categories:

1) In stock products:

Plasticware, consumables, personal protection equipment and chemicals commonly used in the laboratories are available in the SV Store stockroom at a preferential price for our users. They are readily available once ordered through the Sciquest module in Catalyse. To find these products in the Sciquest catalog, simply enter the keyword “EPFL-INT” in the search field.

2) Biobar products:

These products, including culture media, enzymes, antibodies, molecular biology kits, are items stocked in our premises by external suppliers. Preferential prices are negotiated for SV laboratories and delivery time is minimal. Orders must be placed by Catalyse as for other items.

All these products benefit from special conditions negotiated with suppliers, guaranteeing the best quality/price ratio on the market and the best possible delivery conditions.

3) Out-of-stock products:

More than 100’000 references are registered in the general catalog and regularly updated, most of them with purchasing conditions specially negotiated for the EPFL.

If the product you are looking for is missing from the catalog, you have the possibility to add it through Catalyse as an open purchase request. The store staff is at your disposal for any question.

NB: The SV Store services are also available to the laboratories of the other EPFL Schools.

IMPORTANT! The following product categories are not to be ordered through Catalyse and are not processed by the SV Store:
  1. Scientific equipment whose price is superior to 5’000CHF all taxes inlcuded, must be ordered by the administration team of the Infrastructure Unit. More information on the procedures implemented within the SV School are available in this page. Laboratory material whose price is inferior to 5’000CHF (pipets, vortexes, water-baths, etc.) may be ordered by the units through Catalyse under the tab “Create a requisition”. The SV Workshop team remains available for all questions related to the acquisition of common laboratory equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, laminar flow hoods, incubators, etc. and may be contacted by clicking here.
  2. All orders of laboratory animals must go throug the Center of Phenogenomics (CPG).
  3. Office supplies and stationary (e.g. Lyreco) should be ordered in the specific Lyreco catalogue in Catalyse under the tab “Create a catalog order”.
  4. Computers and IT equipment should be ordered through our SV-IT department, or through the specific catalogues available in the  Catalyse portal under the tab “Create a catalog order”.
  5. For all books and scientific journals, please contact EPFL Central Library.