Missions and Activities


  • Relieve laboratories of the ordering and maintenance of laboratory glassware;
  • Process dirty glassware and maintain a stock of clean materials in each laboratory;
  • Provide a sterilization service to process solutions and equipment;
  • Provide sterile bi-distilled water to laboratories;
  • Provide white cotton BSL1 lab coats to users;
  • Perform all tasks according to GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) guidelines;
  • Ensures traceability and quality control of sterilized solutions and equipment (ISO 9001 certified).


The SV Washing Facility team serves all laboratories in the SV and AI buildings of the Faculty of Life Sciences. Identical services are offered to the laboratories in both buildings.

The Service takes care of the daily collection of dirty glassware in the laboratories as well as their cleaning and sterilization, if applicable. After processing, the clean and optionally sterile glassware is returned to the laboratories. The Laundry Service staff ensures that the stock available to users is sufficient and adequate for their activities. The stock of glassware available to users can be supplemented at any time upon request.

The personnel carry out daily pick-up rounds of supplies and solutions to be sterilized and process them in the washrooms. Processed solutions and items are returned to the laboratories.

In addition, the Facility staff is responsible for preparing bi-distilled sterile water at the request of users. They also manage a stock of BSL1 lab coats which are kept at the availability of the units, and are in charge of the collection of dirty lab coats.