Waste Management

FSV units operating in a BSL2 laboratory should agree with the Waste Management Facility on a space for the storage of BSL2 waste for collection. The Facility will provide users with red plastic boxes for the storage of waste bags awaiting collection. These should be sealed, sprayed with disinfectant and marked with a unit-specific barcode label that is also provided by the Department. If the units also generate liquid waste, a red mesh box is also provided to store the bottles for collection.

Laboratories using agar plates for the culture of BSL2 bacteria or class 1 GMOs may also order by email specific yellow plastic drums for their elimination.

The personnel of the Waste Management Facility collects solid and liquid waste, twice a week, directly from the laboratories in the SV and AI buildings according to the following schedules:

  • Tuesday morning between 7:00 and 9:00 AM
  • Thursday morning between 7:00 and 9:00AM

NB: In case of emergency, waste can also be collected at other times. To arrange for an extraordinary collection, simply contact the Facility by email or phone 39663.

IMPORTANT! For safety and traceability reasons, only waste packaged according to the Facility’s recommendations will be collected and processed, in compliance with current safety regulations. In the event that these recommendations are not properly followed, the Facility personnel reserves the right to not collect the waste. Should this occur, a note of non-compliance will be issued indicating the exact reason for non-collection.

Good to know: P2 waste is processed in dedicated autoclaves. Decontamination is achieved by exposure to steam at 121°C for 20 minutes. An autoclave cycle lasts approximately 2 hours. The Facility’s personnel is available to answer any questions on waste decontamination procedures.