Invoicing of the Solution Preparation Facility

Invoices for the services of the Solution Preparation Facility are sent via “Copernic” directly to the administration of the using unit, together with a detailed listing of the products ordered. The unit will then have 10 days to verify listing accuracy and validate the payment.

The Facility bills for its services on a quarterly basis as follows:

  • 1st quarter: December / January / February -> Invoiced early March
  • 2nd quarter: March / April / May -> Invoiced early June
  • 3rd quarter: June / July / August -> Billed early September
  • 4th quarter: September / October / November -> Invoiced early December

The price of preparations is calculated at the lowest possible price, with no profit margin. It includes the cost of raw materials and preparation time. Equipment depreciation and delivery are not charged.

As an example, a liter of TBE 10x is offered at 30 to 60% cheaper in the Facility’s catalog than by external suppliers.

Product catalog and EPFL price list can be found here. (Google drive storage, documents are accessible with an EPFL email address and associated Gaspar password).