All orders delivered at the SV Store are received, controlled and prepared by the personnel of the Store. Handling and storage criteria indicated by the suppliers are carefully followed in order to guarantee cold chain continuity until final delivery of the articles. To receive their orders, users may present themselves at the SV Store desk in SV 0508 during operating hours, or subscribe to the delivery service on a weekly basis, as described here below.

Each delivery performed by the SV Store personnel to the laboratories is billed 5CHF.

Catalyse orders of internal supplies

Orders of internal supplies are delivered directly to the laboratories, 24 hours at the earliest after the order validation, according to the selected schedule.

Catalyse orders of external supplies

Items ordered from external suppliers are generally not delivered to the workplace, unless their arrival at the SV Store coincides with an order of internal supplies. In the latter case, orders will be grouped together and brought to the laboratory at the same time. If an order of external supplies arrives at another moment than the planned delivery, users will be able to collect them at the reception desk SV 0508.

Non Catalyse orders

All the orders not processed through Catalyse are not delivered to the workplace. An email notifying the arrival of the packages is sent to the recipient so the articles can be picked up at the SV Store reception desk. The same procedure is applied for all express shipments (e.g. FedEx, DHL, DPD)

IMPORTANT: Proper storage or quality of the products of an unknown origin or to which the order is not linked to a Catalyse ordering reference are not guaranteed. Recipients are responsible for these items.