Procedures and Official Documents

The purchase of scientific equipment is, in the School of Life Sciences, carried out by the infrastructure unit, at the request of the laboratories. Below is a summary of the purchasing procedures in place at the FSV and the official documents to be provided when requesting purchases.


The equipment purchase procedures vary depending on the price and funds intended for the purchase. We invite you to read the following documents before beginning any purchase requisition process.

The first document includes complete information and steps to follow when purchasing equipment and handling invoices: >>Table for purchasing equipment in FSV<<

The following table summarizes the main steps and recommendations for making a purchase request in accordance with the School’s guidelines: >>Summary of procedures for purchasing equipment in FSV<<

NB: When requesting quotations from suppliers, we encourage you to provide them with a copy of the General Conditions for the Purchase of Goods, so that the quotations submitted are compliant to the requirements of the ETH, particularly with regard to guarantees and export Incoterms.

Information: When planning to purchase common laboratory equipment, we encourage you to contact Mr. John Blanc, the technical advisor for the SV School. For more information, please visit the page here.