Mission and Activities


  • Ensure supply of biology related labware and consumables to laboratories and core facilities in the School of Life Sciences and the rest of the Campus;
  • Ensure orders follow up until delivery;
  • Offer first level support to users of the “Catalyse” ordering program;
  • Offer the best purchasing conditions from our suppliers, in collaboration with the Goods and Services Purchasing Department (DABS);
  • Offer varied logistical support to users (shipping of dangerous goods, management of Camipro accesses, dry ice, etc).


The SV Store supports laboratories with administrative tasks related to orders of labware and reagents. The personnel receive all packages and are responsible to check quality as well as quantities before final delivery to the users, guaranteeing continuity of the cold chain for all products requiring refrigeration.

The collaborators of the SV Store are also in charge to manage an internal stock of common laboratory material, available at a preferential price.

The tactical purchasing team negotiates prices for products not listed in the available catalogues or from different suppliers. Upon request, new articles may be evaluated and selected. Users of the Service can thus be advised and directed towards the best offers or suppliers on the market.

Storage of gas bottles (Carbagas orders) is also centralized at the SV Store, as well as the management of the common stock of dry ice available to all SV School laboratories.