P2 Waste Management Facility Invoicing

An invoice including a complete summary of the services received is issued quarterly by the SV Infrastructure administration and sent to each unit using the services of the P2 Waste Facility at each due date, as follows:

  • 1st quarter: December / January / February -> Invoicing beginning of March;
  • 2nd quarter: March / April / May -> Invoice beginning of June;
  • 3rd quarter: June / July / August -> Invoicing beginning of September;
  • 4th quarter: September / October / November -> Invoicing early December.

A contribution of CHF 120 per month is included in the invoice and represents a contribution to the following services:

  • Purchase of yellow plastic containers for agar waste;
  • Purchase of autoclavable identification labels (laboratory identifiers);
  • Purchase of P2 microfiber gowns, decontamination after use and maintenance by an external company.

In addition to the basic fee, there is a supplementary charge of CHF 5 per bag of solid waste or yellow bin (agar) or bottle of liquid waste.

The number of bags/bins/bottles per laboratory is counted during the twice-weekly collection by the Facility personnel, by scanning the barcode labels.