Quality for the benefit of the Solution Preparation Facility

The Solutions Preparation Facility works closely with the Quality Control team to verify each production batch in order to provide solutions of the highest quality. Between manufacturing and delivery, each batch produced will go through the following steps depending on its type:

  • Solutions and liquid media:

Two 5ml samples are randomly harvested at the end of production and cultured in Thioglycolate test media for 72 hours. These samples are then incubated to verify the sterility of the media (Thioglycolate media are previously tested with control bacteria);

  • Bottled agar and plates:

A random sample of plates produced, depending on the quantity, is selected and kept in culture for a minimum of 72 hours, then analyzed to verify the sterility of the media.

Any quality control with a positive or doubtful result will lead to the immediate withdrawal of the product, and elimination of the affected batches.