Equipment and Storage Areas

Equipment and storage space management

The SV School provides the following cryogenic equipment to its laboratories and core facilities:

  • Centralized liquid nitrogen storage spaces in room AI 0223;
  • Locations for medium and long term sample storage in -80°C freezers.

In order to optimize storage spaces and to rationalize the equipment number, a common management of cryogenics has been set up by the SV Workshop. Storage spaces are defined for each appliance and an occupation plan is precisely defined. Any request for storage space in liquid nitrogen tanks or the shared -80°C freezers must be sent by email to the  SV Workshop.

Note: For security reasons, AI 0223 is closed during non-business hours and withdrawal of liquid nitrogen is not permitted. However, if access to the nitrogen tanks is required, the PCC can be contacted at telephone number 34000 to have a surveillance officer open the door.

Emergency freezers

Backup -20° and -80° C freezers are located in rooms AI 0128 and SV 1621.
In the event that these freezers are already occupied, additional freezers are available in room AI 0223. PCC must be contacted at telephone number 34000 to access this room.

In case of use of any spare or emergency freezer, it is imperative to notify the workshop at number 38331 or by email.

Advice to users

Since 2011, the purchase of new equipment for the cryogenics common areas is carried out by the workshop at the charge of the SV School.

The technical offier, Mr. John Blanc, advises all units wishing to acquire freezers or liquid nitrogen tanks for their laboratory spaces.