Mission and Activities


  • Relieve the laboratories from preparing common buffers, solutions and cell culture media;
  • Offer a reliable alternative regarding Mycoplasma screening tests in cell cultures;
  • Offer a wide range of solutions to meet the user’s needs;
  • Upon request, perform production of specific media;
  • Perform all preparations according to “Good Laboratory Practices” (GLP) guidelines;
  • Carry out all preparations in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), including quality control and ensuring traceability of all stages in the production of our preparations (ISO 9001 certified).


With the aim to accomplish the above-mentioned missions, our service commits to produce, according to GLP guidelines, all the media and analyses from our catalogue. Our team is in charge of managing stocks of raw material and reagents, carries out systematic quality controls and guarantees the traceability of every batch produced. All the data concerning productions, analyses, as well as calibration verification and equipment maintenance is thoroughly saved in our system. (All the procedures guaranteeing quality, traceability and reproducibility are supervised by our quality team, which steps in all along the production processes.) Our specialists remain at your disposal for any specific media or solution request, being a single need, a large batch to be produced or a particular and periodic requirement.