Foreign express mail

The SV Store is in the process of negotiating new conditions for all foreign shipments through express carriers.

All criteria such as price, rapidity and regulations regarding the type of shipments are carefully evaluated. More information will follow on these pages. In the meantime, in case of questions or shipments, our users may contact the SV Store personnel by calling 39606 or by presenting themselves at the desk.

Mailing with the Swiss Post

Mail and packages sent with the Swiss Post are not handled by the SV Store. However, all mailing and customs forms necessary are available at the desk of the SV Store SV 0508. Post mail is treated by the DII-Caretakers and Mr. Stéphane Vasseur for the SV School, remains available in case of questions.

National mail

Non-urgent Post mail (Economy) must be stamped with the unit’s specific barcode stamp and brought to the external mail mailbox in the mail room SV 0409. Next day deliveries must be brought to the Post office before 5:00PM.

Registered mail

Registered mail must be brought to the Post office. Mr Vasseur remains available for all questions.

Express mail

Express mail can be sent directly at the Post office. Mr. Vasseur remains available for all questions.

More information on the mailing procedures at EPFL are available in the Mail pages of the DII website.