Invoicing of the Glassware Washing Facility

Invoicing of the Glassware Washing Facility is executed every 3 months and is sent to the administrative assistants of the laboratories, which use the services, as follows:

  • 1st quarter: December / January / February -> Billed early March
  • 2nd quarter: March / April / May -> Billed early June
  • 3rd quarter: June / July / August -> Billed early September
  • 4th quarter: September / October / November -> Billed early December

A contribution of 200 CHF per month is included in the invoice and constitutes a participation to the following services:

  • Purchase and maintenance of laboratory glassware;
  • Supply of sterilization packs;
  • Sterilization of equipment and samples;
  • Supply and maintenance of BSL1 lab coats;
  • Preparation of bi-distilled water.

In addition to the basic fee, an extra charge is included for the glassware treatment, as follows:

  • 8 chf per box of dirty glassware;
  • 4 chf per half-case of dirty glassware.