Glassware Washing Facility

Glassware Washing and Sterilization Facility

Glassware Washing and Sterilization Facility

Our Missions

  • Relieve the SV laboratories from ordering and maintaining laboratory glassware stocks
  • Treat the dirty glassware and maintain a stock of clean material in each laboratory
  • Offer a sterilization service to treat solutions and supplies
  • Provide double-distilled water to the laboratories
  • Provide the users with P1 and P2 lab coats
  • Complete all the tasks according to GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) recommendations


The SV Glassware Washing Facility is composed of a team, which is in charge of all the laboratories from the SV and AI buildings. The services offered to the laboratories of both buildings are identical.
The team members collect on a daily basis all the dirty glassware in the laboratories. They take care of cleaning it and sterilizing it if necessary. After treatment the glassware is delivered in the laboratories. Our personnel makes sure that the available stock is enough and adequate to the activities of the users. The glassware stock available can be completed at any time upon request.
Our collaborators collect also on a daily basis all the solutions and supplies to be sterilized and proceed with the treatments in our facilities. All solutions and material is returned to the laboratories directly, as soon as treated.
Moreover our personnel is in charge of preparing double-distilled water upon request from the users.
Our service also maintains a stock of P1 and P2 lab coats, which are made available to the laboratories. Used and soiled lab coats are also collected by our service.
Guillaume Burtin

Guillaume Burtin

Glassware Washing Facility Manager
SV 3816