In-stock solutions and Agar plates are delivered directly to the laboratory areas of the AI and SV buildings the day after the order is placed (if placed before noon).

The delivery time for out-of-stock products is 6 days, to allow for quality control before batch release. Once released, the solutions are also delivered to the laboratory areas of the AI and SV buildings.

In exceptional cases where user demand would exceeds available stocks, a new delivery delay of 6 days will be offered, in order to supply products that have been released after quality control.

Samples for Mycoplasma analysis are sent to the service provider on Monday before 3pm. The results are sent to the users, by email in PDF file, at the latest the following Thursday.

Attention: Products are delivered to the laboratory areas of the SV and AI buildings only. Users located in other buildings on campus are requested to contact the Facility to make an appointment before collecting orders in the SV building during business hours.